Deya Dova

Deya Dova is an award winning vocalist, music producer, international touring artist, speaker and mother of 3 children.

Deya Dova’s music career spans over 15 years, includes 4 international tours, 9 albums across several genres and an acclaimed live festival performance and global following.

Deya grew up in Ceduna, a small town in the remote Nullarbor desert region of South Australia. She was born into the world in her intact water membrane, an auspicious sign of her innate connection between the worlds. Deya taught herself to sing sitting on the earth, around fires under immense desert star scapes, following the sound that came straight from her soul.

From as early as 1999 Deya has been recording live in the landscape at energy centres, including the Sinai Desert, Teotihuacan’s Pyramid of the Sun and Moon, Avebury stone circle, Uluru and Kata Tjuta in Central Australia. Her early exploration of field recording in nature has lead to her research of Earth’s energy lines, human origins, geomancy, ancient earth wisdom and to further explore her own experience connecting with the Earth’s energy field through sound.

Through her extensive travels and recording journeys across the planet, Deya Dova has become an extraordinary advocate for sacred activism and conscious awakening. Deya exemplifies the spirit of the true Artist as an intermediary between the worlds, and radiantly shares an authentic message of ancient remembrance and re-connection with sentient Earth, the cosmos and our divine origins.

“I come to the Earth to listen. To sit in learning, wonderment and respect of the natural world. What arises within me, from this deep place of quiet, the zero point within, is song. Songs that whisper of timelessness. Songs that travel beyond space time. Songs that express my connection with Spirit and the Land. I surrender and follow this ancient intuitive voice. In rapture I sing, like a bird sings to it’s maker. In reverence of all of Creation.” Deya Dova

Hamilton Barnett

Hamilton Barnett is the videographer and photographer of the Planetary Grid Project. In the studio Hamilton works with Deya on the final mixes of her onsite recordings. His role documenting the music recording developed organically during his travels with Deya. Hamilton and Deya have been married for 20 years and have 3 children together.

Hamilton is also a producer and dj. He co-produces with Deya on the Deya Dova Global Bass Music project. Together they blend the ancient and divine frequencies of Deya’s voice with organic beats and sacred instrumentation creating a unique world infused dance music experience.

Hamilton’s musical journey started from studying tabla in India, Gamelan in Indonesia and drums in his early years. His exploration of electronic music and sacred sounds began through leading ecstatic dance for many years. Hamilton is also a facilitator in the realm of movement journeys, shadow work and empowerment processes with the sacred masculine archetypes.

Together Hamilton and Deya run their independent music label Reflekta Records.

“Filming Deya’s recording process is an amazing experience because I need to be ultra sensitive to any sound I make. Each step I take is conscious and as soft on the Earth as possible because everything is picked up in the microphone. I too enter a place of quiet and listening and document as much as possible of the experience through the eye of the camera. I have been lucky to witness many of nature’s response’s to Deya singing on film including birds coming in, rainbows forming and winds rushing. ” Hamilton Barnett